Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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How to Book Your Ideal Wedding Venue? Apply a Checklist

Most brides-to-be have never planned a large-scale event and can easily forget key points when selecting a wedding venue. To avoid a catastrophe on your special day, choose a venue that ticks all the boxes.

Whether you are planning a summer, winter, spring, or autumn wedding, the questions you should ask remain the same.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue:

Wedding Venue

Here are 10 questions to help you pick a venue:

  1. Do you have indoor or open-air chapel facilities?
  2. How many seats are available for the ceremony?
  3. What are the available dates for my month of choice?
  4. Are there on-site chefs and cooking services?
  5. Is there accommodation for those who have to travel far?
  6. Does the premises have a live music license?
  7. Where can the betrothed get dressed for the event?
  8. Will there be enough parking for everyone on the guest list?
  9. Can the venue be rented in its entirety for an exclusive affair?
  10. What type of expenses can I expect for the occasion?

Above are the most important questions that will help you sift through numerous locations based on whether they can accommodate the demands for your wedding. However, there are other factors to consider when going through your options.

These can include but are not limited to topics such as the style of décor available, days or hours for which your booking is valid, and whether you can use your own personnel.

Choose an All-Inclusive Package

For the affianced couples with little time to spare or no patience to hire each server separately, a locale that caters to your every need is a possibility.

Our lavish destination features ceremony chapels both inside and outside for your choosing. Arrival facilities, reception, and pre-reception rooms are also available, as well as entry to our posh lounge and bar. Furthermore, we offer luxurious suites for newlyweds and others to stay the night.

At Kleinkaap, there’s no room for disappointment. We boast a scenic location, where all couples’ desires can be met. From indoor to outdoor, big or small, we can meet your requirements as we equip the staff and facilities to deal with a comprehensive range of events.

We also offer a free-of-charge, safety net for those who book our outdoor area for an event. In the case of unforeseen changes in the weather, your ceremony will simply be relocated to our indoor location. This means no unexpected circumstances or budget surprises to give you cold feet on D-day.