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Rustic Wedding Venue: Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel’s History, Background & Offerings

Nestled in Clubview, South Africa, Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem that seamlessly combines history, Cape Dutch architecture, and modern luxury—a perfect choice for couples seeking a rustic wedding venue with a touch of elegance. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the captivating history, background, and offerings of Kleinkaap.

Rustic Wedding Venue

The Start of a Rustic Wedding Venue

Kleinkaap’s story begins with Mr. Hall, the original farm owner. His daughter’s marriage to Frank Dyason, a South African air force general and pilot, marked the beginning of a legacy. Over time, the estate transformed from a dairy and chicken farm into a charming boutique hotel.

Cape Dutch Style Architecture

Kleinkaap is a shining example of Cape Dutch architecture, known for its whitewashed walls, distinctive gables, natural materials, and oak trees. These architectural elements create an atmosphere of timeless beauty.

Exploring the Original Manor House

The original manor house at Kleinkaap boasts a rich history. It originally had six bedrooms. The chapel area was once two tennis courts, while Hall 1 & 2 were a large Olympic-style swimming pool. Room 25 – 30 and the salon area used to be a trout farm pond, and Goedehoop was originally a dance floor studio. Room 3 served as the main bedroom, and Room 2 and the adjacent room were a continuous space used as a TV room and lounge.

The Evolution of Kleinkaap

In the early 1980s, Frank Dyason passed away at the age of 90, leaving the estate to his wife and children. Afterward, the house changed owners until the Malan family acquired it in 1989. The Malans transformed Kleinkaap into a premier wedding venue, expanding the estate in 2006 while maintaining the Cape Dutch style. The Rust & Vrede Hall saw its first wedding in 2006, and all of the Malan daughters chose Kleinkaap for their weddings. In 2010, they added 34 hotel rooms and a second large venue hall, Buitenverwagting.

A Luxurious Escape and Event Destination

Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel offers 32 Luxury King Rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Each room features comfortable bedding, modern amenities, and a touch of luxury for an unforgettable rustic wedding venue.

Kleinkaap’s Diverse Venue Options

Kleinkaap offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues for various events, with 11 different options to choose from. Whether it’s the Rust & Vrede Hall, Buitenverwagting Hall, Vergenoeg, Simonsig, Goedehoop & Bar, Kanäan, Chapel, Deck, Swan, Boma, or Restaurant, you can tailor your event to your preferences.

Dining in a Picturesque Setting

Kleinkaap Restaurant, situated at the heart of the estate, provides a delightful dining experience. Surrounded by gardens and graced by historic trees, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu features delicious dishes crafted to match the Cape-inspired atmosphere.

Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel’s rich history and unique offerings make it an enchanting choice for couples seeking a rustic wedding venue with a touch of elegance. Book your special event or escape today and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and history of Kleinkaap.