Hotel Accommodation For Business Travel

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How To Choose Hotel Accommodation For Business Travel

When searching for hotel accommodation that’s perfect for work stays you need to consider several important factors. Here we’ll share with you the 7 key points that can affect your next business trip.

Below you can read more on topics like location, necessary facilities, and even essential levels of luxury to maintain productivity and stay on your A-game.

Hotel Accommodation – Key Factors:

  1. Distance from offices – When choosing business housing, it’s vital to check how far it is from any offices or work sites that you may have to travel to during your stay. This can affect petrol costs and time spent on the road, which both add to company expenses.
  2. Company budget – Another important factor when seeking work lodging is whether or not the hotel features affordable rooms that fall within the company-approved spending range.
  3. Wi-Fi availability – Most professional travellers require a steady and secure internet connection to send and receive emails, make work calls, and download documents. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a spot that has good cell service and offers free Wi-Fi.
  4. Space for meetings – If you’re likely to meet clients or colleagues, or do a presentation during your trip you may want to scope out venues that have conference facilities. This way you don’t have to rent additional space or drive to meet with colleagues or clients for planning and preparation of projects.
  5. On-site food services – Not all co-worker visits require an office. Sometimes you just want to discuss a small matter over a cup of coffee and lunch. Look for accommodation where you can enjoy a gourmet meal at a high-end restaurant without leaving the vicinity.
  6. Relaxation facilities – Some business trips are longer in duration, and you might even have a few off days in between. Pick a hotel that at least offers you some luxury and features to keep you entertained.
  7. Security – If you’re staying over with your work laptop, confidential documents, and other company items that are either expensive or otherwise valuable, you don’t want to risk theft or loss thereof. Make sure through reviews and ratings that you book a safe and secure room.
boutique hotel centurion - Hotel Accommodation

Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel is Perfect For Corporates

For those wanting to travel to Pretoria for work, our rooms are an excellent choice. We’re centrally located and a mere 10 minutes from the Centurion CBD in the Clubview area. There are 34 suites to accommodate from one to an entire team of professionals at a time. View our Instagram profile to see photos of our unique venue.

Visitors can walk to the nearby mall for lunch, order room service or dine at our on-site restaurant, featuring world-class chefs. The venue also features all-inclusive conference facilities to meet the business needs of any company, big or small.

We offer free Wi-Fi to guests and have our own backup generators to make sure you’re never without lights when completing work online. Rooms are all equipped with security safes that use customisable key codes, ensuring documents and valuables can be stored without worry.

Other Features

Not everything is about business, and at Kleinkaap we know the importance of getting your mind switched off from work once in a while. Our venue offers many opportunities to do so, including having a glass of fine wine at the restaurant, viewing the many bird species roaming our lush gardens, or even visiting our Niche Boutique Salon for a stylish makeover.

Don’t let your next work trip be stressful and tiring. Book hotel accommodation that appeals to your professional and personal needs alike.