7 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Venues

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Wedding Venues

Choosing BetwHeen Wedding Venues: 7 Things to Consider

Getting married is meant to be an unforgettable experience marked by love, joy, and memories with the ones we cherish most. It’s a celebration of the commitment two people share and the way in which they wish to start their love story. Searching for wedding venues is an exciting process, but it can be stressful when one considers all there is to keep track of – from food to guest seating. If you are currently on the lookout for wedding venues, below are seven things to keep in mind.

  1. Venue Availability

Booking wedding venues is not usually as simple as seeing something you like and putting it on hold for a particular date. Often, you will need to book a few weeks or months in advance, which is why starting your search early is always recommended. When first viewing a venue, ask about its availability for your desired date.

  1. How Exclusive Your Ceremony Will Be

Some venues host multiple weddings a day or have their facilities open to the public during a wedding, which means strangers can stroll in or view the proceedings – something many couples want to avoid. Ask about how exclusive your wedding will be if privacy is an important factor to you.

  1. The Maximum Capacity of the Wedding Venue

Finding your dream venue is ideal – but it is important to ensure that it can handle the number of guests you want to invite. You also don’t want to book a huge venue and only invite a small handful of guests if it makes the venue appear barren or empty.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Options Available

Whether you want a lavish indoor ceremony or a picture-perfect garden wedding, be sure to check that the venue can accommodate this. If you do opt for outdoor proceedings, ensure there is a way to move the gathering inside if the weather should suddenly change.

  1. Catering Options for Your Special Day

What is a celebration without a festive feast? Delicious food is an essential part of making your big day unique and ensuring every guest leaves having had a fantastic time. Some venues offer catering, some don’t – it is crucial that you clarify this and what kind of menu options are offered if they do cater.

  1. Opportunities for Stunning Photographs

Capacity and availability are one thing, but you also want a breathtaking location in which to wed. The right venue will set a romantic atmosphere and amplify the style of your wedding, whether vintage, rustic, sophisticated or something out of a fairy tale. Look for beautiful spaces that offer a gorgeous backdrop to the photographs you will take.

  1. Accessibility for Every Guest

Every guest should have safe parking and be able to move freely throughout the venue. Consider accessibility for older persons or disabled guests who may struggle with stairs or uneven terrain. You may also want to consider venues that offer accommodation for overnight stays.

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