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Our Home-Away-from-Home Accommodation Near Pretoria   When you shop for clothing or some other exclusive item that is not mass produced, you’re more than likely shopping at a boutique, an outlet that typically offers goods or services that are select, limited, and intended for an elite market – people who seek something that is unusual

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One Lovely Location – Four Classic Conference Venues   The more you value your brand, company image, and culture, as well as the delegates who have been invited to attend your conference and are, per se, your guests on this occasion, the more care you have to take in your selection of conference venues.  

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Celebrate Your Special Day at Centurion’s Superb Wedding Venue   We’re already a tad longer than one month into the New Year. Is this the year – 2018 – in which you and your intended are going to tie the knot? If so, you have a busy time ahead of you leading up to your

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Essential Elusive Elements of Successful Conferences and their Venues   Have you ever stopped to consider which elements really hold the key to hosting a truly successful conference in Pretoria or elsewhere, and why organisations which hold such fruitful conferences are very particular about their choice of venue? Why are these two factors so closely

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Welcome to 4-Star Hotel Accommodation in Centurion   Ask anyone who travels frequently about what is really important to them when selecting a hotel at which to stay when they are away from home. A number of relatively obvious requirements and demands are likely to be commonplace, irrespective of whom you ask or how often

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Conference Venues Pretoria

Premier Pretoria Conference Venue Exudes Old Cape Ambience    Have you been on holiday to Cape Town or anywhere else in the Western Cape recently? Are you secretly wishing that you were still in the fairest Cape, even if only for a little while longer, now that 2018 is underway and you are back at

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At Home in a Beautiful Boutique Hotel   Today, many people worldwide, as well as in South Africa, are opting for more exclusive, unique accommodation when looking for an establishment at which to stay when they’re away from home. Such a need is best satisfied by booking into an exclusive, intimate boutique hotel, one like

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The Conference Venues at Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel   Are you already planning and making preparations for your conferences next year? The festive season and Christmas holidays are almost upon us, so you don’t have a lot of time if you wish to get ahead of others who are of the same mind.   It’s important

Boutique Hotel Pretoria

Boutique Hotel Pretoria

The Exclusivity of Boutiques and Hotels in Pretoria   The mere mention of the word “boutique” implies exclusivity, for which one expects to pay more, because any product or service that is exclusive is typically produced, offered, reserved, and/or intended for a few select, fortunate recipients, rather than masses or the mass markets. Exclusive goods

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Classic Cape Dutch Style Conference Venues in Pretoria   2017 is almost at an end. Presently, there is just more than a month left before Christmas. Most people are looking forward to the festive season and a well-deserved holiday after a busy year at work. But, however close, the holidays have not yet commenced.